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Encountering the Counter-Institution: From the Proto-Academy to Home Workspace Beirut* (2016)

Traces in the Dark (2015)


Occupy Arts Administration Or How to “Shadow Curate” in Rural Scotland (2015)
(A book review by Gregory Sholette of ARTocracy: Art, Informal Space, and Social Consequence: A Curatorial HandBook in Collaborative Practice.  Edited by Nuno Sacremento and Claudia Zeiske Published by Jovis Verlag, GmBH, 2010.)

Art Out of Joint: Artists’ Activism Before and After the Cultural Turn (2015)

A User Is Haunting the Art World (2015)

On Maidan and Imaginary Archive Kyiv, Spring 2014 (2014)

50 Shades of Red: Enterprise Culture and Social Practice Art, a Love Story? (2013)

Gregory Sholette: Squatting Bruce Barber’s Sentences on Littoral Art (2013)

Gregory Sholette reads his essay: 12 Notes on Collectivism and Dark Matter, radioapartment22, Rabat (2013)

After OWS: Social Practice Art, Abstraction, and the Limits of the Social (2012)

OCCUPOLOGY, SWARMOLOGY, WHATEVEROLOGY: the city of (dis)order versus the people’s archive (2012)

Lets Do It Again Comrades, Lets Occupy The Museum (2012)

Speaking Clown to Power: Can We Resist the Historic Compromise of Neoliberal Art? (2011)

Return of the Atomic Ghosts (2011)

Not Cool Enough To Catalog (2011)

Book Review: Pale Riders: How a Band of Radical Outsiders Briefly Stole the New York City Art World (2010)

Mockinstitutional Aesthetics: Building an Art Academy From Below? Stockyard Institute (2010)

Artists and Experimental Cinema: A Hundred Years of Infatuation and Exchange (2008)

Third Text, Volume 22 Issue 5, Special Issue ” Whither Tactical Media” edited by Greg Sholette & Gene Ray (2008)

Gifts of Resistance (2008)

State of the Union: Gregory Sholette on Artistic Labor (ART FORUM 2008)

Gregory Sholette Interviewed by the Camel group (2008)

Snip, Snip…Bang, Bang: Political Art, Reloaded (2008)

Swampwalls Dark Matter and the Lumpen Army of Art (2008)

Trickle Down Bohemia and the Anti-Capitalist Art of Ed Eisenberg (2009)

After Tilted Arc: Site Specificity in an age of Enterprise Culture (2007)

History that disturbs the present:An interview about REPOhistory with Greg Sholette (2007)

Arte y revolucion in the age of enterprise culture (2007)

Questions from an Artist Who Reads (and Thinks, Writes, and Speaks) (2007)

Taking Back the Dollar: Alternative Economies: Vera List Institute (2006)

Specters of Collectivism: A Conversation between Gregory Sholette and Elena Sorokina (2006)

The Interventionists (2005)

Disciplining the Avant-Garde: The United States versus The Critical Art Ensemble (2005)

Report from Beirut: Days Of Culture, Days Of Seige (2005)

Periodising Collectivism, with Blake Stimson (2004)

REPOhistory’s Civil Disturbances NYC: Chronology of a Public Art Project (2004)

Mysteries of the Creative Class, or, I Have Seen The Enemy and They Is Us (2004)

Welcome to the Desert of the Real Art World: Review of Chin-tao Wu’s Privatising Culture: Corporate Art Intervention Since the 1980s (2004)

Interventionism and the historical uncanny: or can there be a revolutionary art without the revolution? (2004)

Dark Matter, Activist Art and the Counter-Public Sphere (2003)

Twelve notes on collectivism and dark matter (2003)

Heart of Darkness: a Journey into the Dark Matter of the Art World (2002)

Fidelity, Betrayal, Autonomy: In and Beyond the Post Cold-War Art Museum (2002)

A Collectography of PAD/D, Political Art Documentation and Distribution: a 1980’s Activist Art and Networking Collective (2001)

How To Best Serve the New Global Contemporary Art Matrix (2000)

Some Call It Art: From Imaginary Autonomy to Autonomous Collectivity (2000)

Counting On Your Collective Silence: Notes on Activist Art as Collaborative Practice (1999)


Authenticity Squared: REPOhistory CIRCULATION: Anatomy of an Activist, Urban Art Project (1999)

News from Nowhere: Activist Art and After (1998)

Collectivism After Modernism: Art and Social Imagination after 1945, Edited by Blake Stimson and Gregory Sholette (1997)

Unnatural Speculations: Nature as an icon of urban resistance on NYC’s Lower East Side 1979-1984 (1997)