i am NOT my office consisted of models, comics, drawings, and photographs based on an email questionnaire sent to people working in offices that asked them what type of “prosthetic” or super power they would like to possess in order to live out a personal fantasy while doing routine work on the job. For example, one person asked for a flying ear, another for the body of a caterpillar (in order to “multi-task” better), and my own enhancement was to grow a super-enlarged spleen/arm/appendage that would allow me to draw while I answered the eighty-plus emails I received each day as chair of the arts administration dept at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago between 2000-2004. The project operated on the assumption that administrative structures, such as schools, museums and offices, are both dependent on, as well as threatened by, the veiled, creativity and suppressed fantasy of those in their employ. Collectively, this invisible “bio-power” is more powerful than the institution that uses it. i am NOT my office sought to gather images of this bio-power, to make it visible to the institutions, to the public, and especially to other workers. The project was first exhibited in Critical Mass at the Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, 2002.