The graphics in this section represent work typically made for a specific context. Images from i am NOT my office were transformed into artists’ pages in the College Art Association’s Art Journal. The counter-globalization action figure is incorporated into a couple of posters. Body Work was created for the cover of the scholarly journal Social Text, and I collaborated with artist Janet Koenig on a poster for the NYC subway project that Group Material organized in 1982. Then there is AGIT-VOMIT. This project consisted of fifty, cast rubber “gag” vomits embedded with pretzels, lost Iraqi artifacts, oil cans, mysterious footprints, and various chunks of stuff roughly shaped like the nation of Iraq. I distributed these in newspaper boxes, bulletin boards, and other public locations round San Francisco between October of 2003 as part of the a 72-hour convergence to “Reclaim Public Space in the Bay Area” entitled: Department of Space and Land Reclamation West (DSLR/West).